Vinyl Replacement Window Domination

Vinyl_Replacement_Window_DominationWhile there are many types of replacement windows that people can consider, it seems that out of all of them vinyl windows are the most popular choice. Based on information from the AAMA, over 70% of all replacement window units sold in 2014 were vinyl. The market share for the remaining types of replacement windows, was just 2% for aluminum windows, slightly under 20% for clad wood and wood windows and 6% for other types of windows. Compared to ’96, the market share for vinyl replacement windows has massively increased from less than half to 73%. Majority of installations behind all those numbers have been performed by professional window installers such as EDMAR Contractors Inc

So why are there so many people who consider buying these types of windows? Do they have any special pros compared to the rest out there? Well, vinyl does have an amazing energy efficiency and on top of that, it’s affordable, durable and requires very little maintenance.

Let’s not forget about its appeal!


Compared to all other types of windows on the market, vinyl replacement windows are the most affordable type one can get. The price starts at jut one hundred and fifty dollars per window and it varies based on glass (tripled or double panel for instance, frame style, construction quality and size of course. The installation can also add up to the price if you don’t plan on installing the windows on your own. The most well reputed companies that sell vinyl replacement windows include Marvin, Andersen and Pella, but if you’re looking for mid to low priced windows, you can also get them CertainTeed, Lowes and Home Depot.

While the majority of people who opt for vinyl replacement windows do so because of cost considerations, there are also a few other advantages that makes them a great option. Vinyl replacement windows are reasonably resistant to damage, they don’t require painting and are also low maintenance.

Given the fact that the color is not only on the surface, but basically extends through the material, if these windows are scratched, the scratches are not going to be as obvious as it’s the case with other types of materials. In terms of energy efficiency, these windows are on par with fiberglass, clad wood and wood windows and they’re certainly a much better choice to aluminum replacement windows. On the other hand, a major factor that does indeed affect thermal performance is the choice of glass.


While vinyl replacement windows are indeed amazing from many points of view, they do have some serious cons as well. Since they aren’t as strong as the rest of the materials used for making replacement windows, the windows need to be made a bit thicker compared to other types of frames. This of course is going to reduce the glass area.

While generally durable, vinyl does indeed contract and expand a lot more than other types. This means your windows’ thermal efficiency can be reduced if you don’t consider basic maintenance for them. To ensure drafts and leaks don’t develop, a good idea would be to check the insulation and caulk around the window and make any necessary repairs.

Available in a wide range of colors

Vinyl replacement windows are available in a wide range of colors and if you want, then you can also get them with an interior wood veneer that can be either stained or painted. Keep in mind though that painting vinyl is not that simple and dark colors can easily fade as time goes by.

A lot of people are still debating whether getting vinyl replacement windows will increase the value of your home. According to some homeowners and realtors, this depends on the style and age of the house. Others though think that clad wood and wood replacement windows can increase the value of your home a lot more than vinyl replacement windows.

However, when it comes to the Value versus Cost survey that was conducted by Remodeling magazine, the results are quite mixed. They tracked the expected payback and cost when the property is sold for a wide range of remodeling projects, including clad wood and vinyl replacement windows. Most of the times, it seems that wood windows hold a slight edge countrywide. But when it comes to the New England and mid Atlantic states, it seems that vinyl replacement windows offer a higher ROI.

Professional installations by qualified contractors

Vinyl windows in particular are probably the easiest to install. There are many on-site factors that might present itself during the installation and affect this general assumption but putting obstacles on a side it basically takes 4 screws, a few shims, some fiberglass or foam insulation, and a tub of caulking. If that doesn’t sound like “easy” you can always call a local window contractor anxious to do it for you. Like with hiring attempt you should do some research, ask your friends and family for recommendations.